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Face - Bridget Brighton The first thing to say about this book is that the premise is great; the idea felt very fresh to me and quite exciting and the cover looked very professional. Both aspects made me want to read it.

That said, I found a few problems with the execution. I was never entirely sure what was going on; it was very confusing. I also felt like I wanted there to be more description, more background, more detail in general about how we got into this world and what it's like to live there. (Where there is detail, it is quite exciting, e.g. schooling is done through avatars, while the kids stay at home, but I wanted much more description). I also felt that more needs to happen in general in terms of the plot; I felt that this story could be a great backdrop to something else/something bigger.

All in all, a really original inventive start and it could be the basis of a very good book.